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Nowadays, human life is vulnerable to factors that cause dangerous diseases that come from a variety of foods and beverages consumed by humans. Because of the food and the drink contains a variety of contaminants. It also comes from a variety of chemical drugs consumed by humans that contain toxic compounds that can cause disease in humans. In addition, another source comes from the polluted environment either from water or air.

Usually a dangerous disease that is caused by a tumor (cancer), coronary heart, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, renal dysfunction, and disease in others. The disease can be caused by a toxin or toxic compounds, content results in high sugar, high cholesterol levels, high fat content, or carcinogenic compounds cause cancer and tumors. Generally these harmful compounds enter the body through food and beverages consumed by humans. Or it could be any other kind of things like polluted environmental conditions.

So that everyone who wants to live a healthy and maintained his fitness, it must maintain health and body fitness. And no less important is the consumption of healthy foods and beverages made ​​from natural ingredients such as herbs. Because it has the function of counteracting, reducing, and even neutralize the harmful substances in the body.