Tomato benefits for health in hindi you should know

You need to know tomato benefits for health, because tomatoes are a fruit that contains essential nutrients that can keep your body healthy. Tomato fruit can be used in the form of healthy food or drink.
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Tomato is a plant of the family Solanaceae, native to South and Central America, from Mexico to Peru. Tomatoes are plants with a short life cycle, can grow as high as 1 to 3 feet. Tomato is a close relative of the potato. 

Tomato plants come from tropical America, grown in the fields as a fruit crop, but it is also planted in the yard, or the wild can also be found at an altitude of 1-1600 feet above sea level. The tomato plants can not stand the rain, the sun blazing, and requires fertile soil. Within one year growing tomatoes upright or resting on other plants, height of 0.5 m to 2.5 m, much branched, hair, and has a strong odor. Stems are round and have coarse hair whitish green color. 

However, the characteristics of the fruit fleshy, smooth shiny skin is not thick, has a lot of various shapes or sizes, yellow or red. Seeds of tomatoes is very much, flattened, yellow-brown color. Tomato fruit can be eaten immediately, for the juice, ketchup, cooked, fried sambal made​​, or made ​​pickled tomatoes. Shoots or young leaves can be used as a vegetable. Tomato fruit that is commonly available in the market have a spherical shape. Which has a large size, not thin fleshy, a little seed, and red as a tomato a fruit said. 

This type of regular consumption of tomatoes directly in the a fresh condition. Which has a smaller size known as a vegetable because of the tomato used in cooking. Its small size of a marble and the intended use for one cherry tomato mixture in the dish to make a sauce or lettuce. 

This is the benefit of tomatoes as well as diseases that can be treated with tomatoes: 


Side of the plant that is used as a drug that is its fruit. Used fresh, after boiled, or processed as food. Leaves in use for foreign drugs. 


Ripe fruit eaten. Besides, it can also be boiled with enough water. Pulverized until smooth, then strain. If you do not suffer from diabetes, you can add sugar to taste. After cold drink. 

For external use only, minced fresh ripe fruit or leaves until smooth. Add to the area of ​​pain, like sunshine sunburn, acne, ringworm, skin inflammation, wounds, and ulcers critical. In addition, tomato juice can also be used as a mask to soften and tighten skin For advance. 

The use of tomatoes for health

  • For sunburn sunlight: Clean fresh young leaves, then milled until smooth. Apply on the skin that burned. 
  • For Hemorrhoids: Boil the majority of tomatoes that have been cooked Dlm coconut oil along approximately ten minutes, then strain through a cloth. Once cool, give the hemorrhoids. 
  • High blood pressure, red eyes: Eat fresh tomatoes 1-2 pieces at a time of the morning, on an empty stomach. 
  • Bruising due to hit: The team that tomato juice plus ginger water and drink after a cold. 
  • Appendicitis and jaundice: Drinking tomato juice, 1 three times a day, every single cup. Continue to consult with a doctor. 
  • Acne: Add 25 ml of 70% alcohol in tomato juice (100 ml), and beat well. For a mixture of rubbing wear face with acne. Do it 2-3 times one day. 
  • Fever: Clean ripe tomatoes (three), and cut into pieces in moderation. Pulverized in 1/2 cup cooking water and a tablespoon of pure honey. Squeeze and strain, and drink. Do it three times the first day. Patients with diabetes mellitus are prohibited from providing pure honey so that the blood glucose content was increased. 
  • Gingivitis, bleeding gums: Clean the tomatoes that have been cooked, then eaten raw. Perform 1 day 2 x, along the approximately 1 month.