Orchid species in Indonesia you should know

Orchid species in Indonesia you should know.  Orchid is a very beautiful flowering plant. Orchids are usually used as an ornamental plant that has flowers with an attractive color depending on the type. Orchid has been known since 200 years ago and since the last 50 years began to be widely cultivated in Indonesia. The main benefit of this plant is as an ornamental plant because orchids have a unique beauty and smell. In addition, orchids are used as herbal medicine, perfume and hair oil.

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The center of orchid plants in Europe is England, while in Asia is in Thailand. In Indonesia, orchids usually occur in West Java, Central Java, Sumatra or Papua.

The orchid plants can flower depending on the species. Generally, adult orchid plants flower after planting 1-2 months. The orchid stem produces approximately 2 stalks as much as 20-25 buds per stalk.

To harvest orchids need to be considered, cutting is done at a distance of 2 cm from the base of the flower stalk with a clean cutting tool. Seeds grow orchids and flower stalks after 2 months will result in the number of buds 2 stems 20-25 buds/stems.

So that's a unique fact about orchids. Thank you for reading.

Image Credit : https://goo.gl/KhdNmC