How to use avocado for medication you need to know

You need to know how to use avocado for medication, because avocado is a natural ingredient that has medicinal properties. In addition the treatment of avocado fruit use has no specific side effects.

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Avocado or Persea gratissima Gaerin often used for beverages such as juice or maybe for skin care. But did you know that avocados can also be used for medicine. 

Avocado plants are usually at a height of 10 meters, has a woody trunk and many branches. Bulattelur single leaf-shaped and green, then shaped flower panicles that are in the top branches. Fruit color green to purple. If the fruit is ripe flesh is yellow or greenish yellow. The roots of this plant including taproot. 

Avocado plants are usually grown in tropical regions, the lowlands up to 1200 m above sea level. 

Parts of plants that can be used as medicine are the leaves. The leaves contain fatty oils; lecithin; Fitosterin; Vitamins A, B, D and vitamins. Which has the function of diuretics; Anti bakteriNama simplesia: Folium Perseae. 

For kidney stone disease 

7 avokat fresh leaves boiled with 110 ml of water. Its use is made ​​by infusion or drink in the warm still conditions. Taken 2 times a day ie morning and afternoon, with a size of 100 ml of each drink. 

Abdominal pain and dysentery 

Avokat 5 grams of fresh leaves, mixed with fresh key retrieval Rhizome 5 grams, 6 grams of fresh turmeric rhizome; Penetrance wind (Usnea barbata) 0.5 grams; Fresh gotu kola leaves 6 grams, water 115 ml. Then drink 1 a day 100 ml.