13 Homemade remedies for headache in hindi

You need to try homemade remedies for headache in hindi described in this article. How to treat a headache is proven effective, but it also has almost no side effects.

A. Types of Headaches 

There are several types of headaches include, cluster headaches, migraine headaches, persistent headaches, vertigo and so on. Step treatment for any type of headache is no different in part. So before choosing which drug would you take, you make sure in advance the type of headache you have. 

B. Powerful Ways to Overcome Headache 

For those of you who are currently being headache, you may be able to do tips to reduce and cure headaches following: 

1. How to Treat Headaches with Drinking Water 

As mentioned above, that one of the causes of headaches are due to dehydration / lack of fluids in the body. And we were certainly already know that water is an indispensable component of the intake by the body. Therefore, if you get a headache, get a drink of water. Then make it a habit to drink water 8-10 glasses per day so that you avoid headaches. 

2. Overcoming Headaches by Eating Potatoes 

In addition due to the lack of fluids / dehydration, headaches can also be caused by loss of electrolytes such as potassium. Well, of course we have to overcome a lot of foods that are rich in potassium which is one of the potatoes. Potatoes should be eaten, cooked by fire with the skin, or boiled (not fried). 

3. Overcoming Headaches with Banana 

Bananas have many benefits, in addition to bananas are rich in potassium turns are also rich in magnesium which can help relieve migraines. If the headache attack, you can take a banana to reduce pain in the head. 

4. Overcoming Headaches with Ice 

Did you know, it turns out the ice cubes can also be used to reduce pain in the head. It's easy, we just need rubbing ice cubes gently on the area of your head ache. Ice cubes will cause numbness in the head that feels pain, so it will relieve headaches 

5. Overcoming Headaches with Food or Beverage Containing Mint 

If this method is more suitable if you suffer headaches caused by skipping meals so that the stomach because the stomach becomes nausea and headaches. The best way to treat it is by consuming foods or drinks that contain mint like pappermint tea and so on. 

6. Overcoming Headache with coffee 

Do you remember the phrase "an exaggeration that is not good"? So is the coffee, if we consume reasonable amounts of coffee (no more than 2-3 cups / day), it turns out coffee can also be a solution when you have a headache. Because of the caffeine content in coffee is 40% more effective in treating headaches. But remember, do not drink too much coffee because it can trigger a headache again, so coffee drink no more than 2-3 cups / day. 

7. Overcoming Headaches with Sesame Seeds 

The content of vitamin E in sesame seeds can help stabilize estrogen in the body, thus preventing migraine. In addition, sesame seeds are also rich in magneisum which can also prevent headaches. In addition to sesame seeds, foods such as nuts, olive oil, dandelion, wheat, and sweet potatoes, also contain a lot of magnesium. 

8. Overcoming Headaches with Eating Fish 

Eating fish can also help relieve headaches, especially for fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel or tuna are rich in omega 3 and essential fatty acids that can prevent inflammation that can lead to migraines. 

9. Treating Headaches with Watermelon 

Watermelon is a type of fruit that is rich in water, so you can use to overcome the headache caused by dehydration. 

10. Overcoming Headaches with Streching 

Stretching is stretching movements (gymnastics). Headaches can also be caused by tense muscles, so if you headaches, try to perform gymnastic movements, or it could be by doing yoga. 

11. Overcoming Headaches with sleep Regularly 

Did you know? too much sleep was wrong, but lack of sleep is also wrong, because it should be a normal bed. Humans can not work for 24 hours, because humans are not robots. You try to get enough sleep 7-8 hours such that you avoid the headaches. 

12. Avoid Stress 

Quite often headaches are also caused by the muscles or nerves are tense, in one of the cause because too many thoughts that eventually lead to stress and headaches. So do not be too busy with work, take your time to do the refreshing. 

13. Overcoming Headaches with Avocado Seed 

If the cause of your headache is caused by a fever, you can make a compress nature of the avocado seed. The way provide 2 seed avocado then shredded. After that, mix with a little water, then paste on the forehead for approximately 1-2 hours or every time you sleep at night.