Herbal medicine with procedure of treatment and benefits

Herbal medicine with procedure of treatment and benefits. Many people who have proven the benefits of herbal medicine in the treatment of various diseases. However, many patients do not recover well from his illness despite taking herbs. Actually a lot of factors that cause not successful herbal medicine in treating the disease. Among the state's own patient, many patients who can not wait and irregular in treatment with herbal medicine.

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Although the benefits of herbal medicine has been widely proven, but in the use of herbal medicine should be considered and the rules prescribed manner. There are several rules that must be obeyed and the way in the use of herbal medicine for maximum results, namely:

  • 1. It should be understood first about the disease being suffered. This is caused when too much consuming herbal ingredients, but not the right target disease, the use of herbal medicine is not right useful. Besides, it is also advisable to conduct a medical examination.
  • 2.  Understand the medicinal plants to be used as a herbal medicine. Many medicinal plants are almost the same shape and appearance, but have different content and benefits. By knowing the substances, the benefits and how to use the medicinal plants, it can be adapted to the strength of the patient's body.
  • 3. Selecting raw materials must be done carefully to ensure the quality of the herbal medicine, especially if the raw material is derived from the crop itself. In addition, it must be ensured that the material should be spent completely clean and restricted from harmful substances such as pesticides.
  • 4. Processing of herbal medicine must be done correctly, eg you boil, dried or even directly used. There are several types of plants toxic drugs whose use should be boiled first to minimize its toxic content. In cultivating medicinal plants, traditional equipment should be used. For example, in a boiling pot plants should use made ​​of the land, because boiling with aluminum pan is feared to cause a chemical reaction with the drug ingredients.
  • 5. Treatment must be done properly, meaning not to drugs used for the outside of the body by mouth, because it will be fatal.
  • 6. If you have healed, but the drug should be discontinued, unless the herbal medicine used for treatment and prevention. Herbs should also be stopped because if there is no change at all. In this situation, you should immediately consult a doctor or extending herbal medicine experts (medical personnel) others experienced.
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