Where do frangipani flowers come from?

Where do frangipani flowers come from? Here are frangipani or plumeria flowers facts that you can learn. This plant has many different names in different regions of the world, one of them in Indonesia called adenium and also Japan frangipani.

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In Indonesia, the plumeria flowers are known as Japanese frangipani. The Japanese word makes sense that this plant originated from Japan, whereas the plumeria flower comes from Africa.

Plumeria or frangipani comes from desert areas, such as the region of West Asia to the mainland of Africa. Plumeria or frangipani is also called a desert rose, because it comes from arid regions. In addition, this plant is more like the condition with moderate to dry water content, rather than too wet.

In Indonesia locally plumeria or frangipani flowers are called adenium. This is because the misplaced origin of this plant is Aden (the capital of Yemen). In addition, the people of Indonesia also called the flower plumeria as Japanese frangipani, may be related to the stereotype. For example fruit with a large size called Bangkok size, whereas small plants commonly called Japan, because of many ancient decorative plants in Japan with small size. This makes small plants such as frangipani, depicted originating from Japan.

Plumeria flowers are trunked large to the base of the tubers, but the look of the plant itself is small with small leaves. Plumeria root bulbs can also be enlarged with certain techniques. Small trunked plumeria extends without the shape of bulbs, with the shape of plants that can grow big and tall, with long leaves and large shapes.

So that's the fact of plumeria or frangipani flowers. Thank you for reading our article.

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