Fever home remedies for adults with turmeric, yolks, and honey

Fever home remedies for adults, using natural ingredients such as turmeric, egg yolks, and honey. This herbal ingredients can reduce fever and also without side effects.

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Indonesia is rich in natural resources. A great variety of plants and animal species. From there finally used a lot of traditional society in Indonesia to meet the needs. Even including health problems, many people are using natural ingredients for their health needs.

To treat ailments such as fever, the community will utilize natural ingredients around. Although it can be said traditional, this traditional way proved effective in curing various diseases that occur in Indonesian society.

Misaknya to treat fever, Indonesian people using turmeric that squeezed and take water. Then mixed with egg yolks, then stir until well blended. Because of taste and smell a bit uncomfortable, then add honey. So this herb naturally has a good taste when drunk.

Despite the development of modern medicine with the use of various types of drugs, but the use of traditional means is still prevalent, especially in villages in Indonesia.

In addition, there are no side effects such as chemical treatment, from various research proves that it is turmeric, chicken egg yolks, and honey are able to show the fever or treat fever.

The mixture of egg yolks, honey, turmeric according to medical view actually gives a better immune system. This will make our body stronger against disease. Turmeric has a function to assist you in producing red blood cells, iron and power. Eggs will give you protein (a little) and choline to boost your immune system, while honey is also for antioxidants and antimicrobials.

Many people say that this is called an herbal remedy, and few people like this way of treatment because it tastes and smells good. However, when compared with chemical drugs also have a sense and a bad smell as well. And other advantages of traditional herbs or herbs have no side effects like chemical treatment.

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