Benefits of organic food for health and the environment

Benefits of organic food for health and the environment. In addition to the fact that organic foods taste better and reduce the amount of cancer-causing chemicals that enter your body, there are many other good reasons why you should buy organic food. Here are some of them:

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Organic meat comes from healthier animals

The animal from which you get your meat is guaranteed to have been healthy throughout his life. Why? Part of the criteria governing organic products is to agree not to use antibodies to treat the disease. Animals raised with the ultimate goal of becoming organic increased in more humane conditions (as outlined by the Humane Society of the United States). This better living condition produces healthier animals and healthier animals are less prone to illness and disease. Of course, no one can guarantee an animal will not hurt, and sometimes people need antibiotics to cure illness. When this situation occurs, animals treated with antibiotics should be excluded from organic farming. The affected animal loses its organic status and is usually sold to a conventional farm where it lives the rest of its life.

Organic Buying Is a Form of Protest

If you purchase organic food, you essentially make an announcement that you care about what you place into your body. So many are following our food before entering the supermarket. We heard it, but we did nothing to stop it. If you ever take a moment to think about all the food that is exposed, from start to finish, the details may surprise your mind. Of course, they are perfectly shaped and the rather full-sized chicken breasts look attractive, but they are the end result of growth hormone, genetic engineering, and the abundance of pesticides and fertilizers. You may have heard the saying, "Nature is not perfect" many times, but many times you keep reaching for that perfect tomato. When you buy organic, you actually say that you do not want to be part of that scene anymore. While enough people get organic food, also the more that changes every day, food corporations will be made to hear to customers.

This is something you can do to protect the environment

Chemicals that go into the fields that produce the fruits and vegetables you eat and feed the pigs and pigs that become hamburgers and pork contaminate the soil and water. This affects animals that live on land and also pollute the environment. When you choose foods produced without these cancer-causing chemicals, you do not add to this problem. Your purchase is unlikely to stop environmental damage, but along with everything in life, change begins with one person. Ask some friends to change their buying and eating habits, and then ask them to get some friends to change and soon enough, a considerable impact will occur.

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