How to treat ulcer using turmeric and honey

You must to treat ulcer that you suffered, though many treatments of ulcer but you have to try natural way. Natural treatment of ulcer disease with turmeric and honey proved able to help overcome ulcer disease worldwide. Read this article to the end to get the benefits of turmeric for ulcer disease.

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Almost everyone has had an ulcer. This disease is mild, but some are chronic and can cause death. A mild ulcer will subside by itself. While this chronic gastritis occurs when there are bacteria that enter and live in the wall of the stomach. It will get better if the bacteria in the stomach is gone.

Many people who underestimate this problem, but if left unchecked and ulcer disease is at risk of causing death. No breakfast in the morning, late lunch and late dinner hours, is a very potentially great cause of chronic ulcer disease.

In addition to ulcer medications sold in stores, there are several natural ways that you should try. But the main thing is you must eat regularly. By keeping the diet to be regular, the stomach will be scheduled in the process of working so as to reduce the production of stomach acid. In addition, you can also try turmeric and honey.

Step treating ulcer using turmeric

  • 1. Prepare turmeric about 100 grams
  • 2. Wash turmeric until clean
  • 3. Peel the turmeric
  • 4. Pounded turmeric until smooth
  • 5. Squeeze turmeric to get the water
  • 6. Add honey to taste in turmeric water
  • 7. Drink a mixture of turmeric and honey water during the morning and evening
  • 8. Do this every day to get maximum benefit

The active ingredient of herbs on turmeric is able to coat the wound wall of the stomach. The content of curcumin in it stimulates the bile to produce substances that will overcome various digestive problems. Turmeric is also rich in excellent antioxidants and will help kill the bacteria that cause chronic gastritis.

If indeed you are often suffered from heartburn it is better to take natural medicines because it is free from harmful side effects.

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