Benefits of soursop leaves to treat cancer

To treat cancer, many ways that can be used. One way to treat cancer without side effects is soursop leaves. Read this article to the end to know the benefits of soursop leaves to treat cancer.

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Soursop plants other than known for its fruit that can be consumed also has leaves that are very beneficial for the health of the human body.

Soursop plants are from Africa, the United States, and Southeast Asia including Indonesia. Soursop plants have soft-textured fruit and sweet and sour taste. Soursop fruit has benefits for our health, because of its high nutritional content.

And recently many know that soursop leaves can also consume, but not consumed like the fruit but for natural treatment. One use of soursop leaves for treatment is to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Quoted from the website that soursop leaves have a content that can improve the health of the body. Soursop leaf can improve the health of the body because it contains acetogenin which is a producer of compounds Bulatacin, Squamosin, and Asimisin. These three ingredients have benefits that are not widely known, for example, to lower cholesterol and uric acid.

The National Cancer Institute has conducted research on soursop leaves, and the result is surprising that soursop leaves are capable of attacking and destroying dangerous cancer cells effectively. Keep in mind that soursop leaves are able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body. In addition, soursop leaf is also able to cure cancer more quickly and effectively than by doing chemotherapy.

All the ability of soursop leaves to treat cancer can occur because soursop leaves contain natural compounds ten thousand times stronger than doing chemotherapy to treat cancer.

Quoted sari, that soursop leaves able to treat many types of cancer. Among them are breast cancer, lung cancer-half, prostate cancer, and 12 types of cancer that besides.

Uniquely, Because soursop leaf is included natural treatment, it has lower side effects compared with chemotherapy.

How to use soursop leaves to fight cancer is quite simple, consider the following explanation.

  • 1. You prepare fresh soursop leaves about 10 sheets
  • 2. Then wash thoroughly
  • 3. Boil with water about 200 ml (milliliters)
  • 4. Boil until the remaining water is about 100 ml
  • 5. After that, leave to cool
  • 6. Strain the soursop leaves that have been cooled into the glass
  • 7. Drink once a day

Note: You can boil the soursop leaves in large quantities with 2: 1 water. For example, instantly boil 100 fresh soursop leaves with 2 liters of water. and leave 1 liter of water. This makes it easy to stock boiled water soursop leaves, so not every day should boil soursop leaves.

Excess soursop leaves to fight cancer cells is not containing harmful chemicals. So it can be said as a natural treatment with minimal side effects.

But you better also consult a doctor or other health practitioner related to your cancer problem. Because natural treatment to fight cancer with soursop leaves can be used as a support only.

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