Sage leaves benefits for health

You should know about sage leaves benefits for health, because sage has a very important nutrient content for the body. Sage is usually used as a sage tea, and is commonly drunk like regular tea consumption.

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Sage is relative to the mint family. It is common for Sage to be ground, scrubbed or polished but generally more than coarse grains. Sage is grown in the United States but also grows in Albania and Dalmatia. Sage is a very popular herb in the United States and is often used to flavor sausages, pork, lamb, and other meats, salads, pickles, cheeses and other stuffing. The smell of Sage is very aromatic and different.

Sage likes to hang around in the kitchen with Rosemary, Thyme, and Basil. They work very well together. Sage is usually one of the main ingredients in stuffing for poultry but is often added to sheep and pork dishes as well. Sage is very strong and should be used to taste a little walking away. Sage, like many other ingredients, develops the feeling of longer cooking and endures throughout the cooking time which may be very good when used in stuffing for a Thanksgiving turkey cooked for about five hours.

If you grow your own Sage, you will find that all you have to do is take the top of the plant with scissors and add it to your favorite recipe. Sage is still the best when dried but if you prefer just put fresh Sage in a baggie in the freezer and pull it as needed.

Currently, Sage has no medication purpose to talk about but returns in different times Sage is used regularly to cure snake bites and is also used to refresh the body and clear the mind. In the Middle Ages, it was quite common for people to make Sage tea and drink it for diseases such as colds, fever, liver disorders, and epilepsy.

Although no one reinforces this claim, it is also said that the chewed Sage leaves applied to the sting or insect bite will reduce the sting and cause swelling. Sage tea has been said to soothe a sore throat and also help to drain mother's milk and also reduce blood clots. Furthermore, it has been found to be helpful with itchy skin if added to hot shower water. Today, especially the Native Indians who still rely on the power of Sage herbs.

The word Sage means salvation from its Latin origin and is associated with longevity, immortality, and mental capacity. Sage never loses its fragrance even after being dried so it is often added to the potpourri and is also added to many soaps and perfumes. It has been used for insect repellents and has antibacterial properties that have helped preservatives for many things such as meat, fish, and spices. Sage has a smoky flavor and works very well to reduce some wealth in many foods. It's also very nice with almost all vegetables. Sage is definitely a herb that most people almost always have in their kitchen if they cook at all.

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