How to treat diabetes using noni fruit juice and powder

You should treat diabetes as soon as possible if you suffer from this disease. Natural treatment is one of the treatment you should do, for example by using noni fruit. How does Noni fruit can treat diabetes? Keep reading this article to the end to know the benefits of Noni fruit in treating diabetes.

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Did you know, noni fruit including fruit that contains Proxeronine. Proxeronine is the alkaloid raw material in the body and serves to open the pores of the cells so that nutrients can be more easily absorbed into the cells.

In addition to nutrients, the widening of the pores of these cells also further facilitate the secretion or expenditure of toxins from the body, so the body will become healthier. Because the content of proxeronine, ultimate noni fruit including one fruit that is able to treat diabetes naturally.

How to use noni fruit to treat diabetes is quite simple, it can be eaten directly. However, many people are not able to eat the noni fruit directly, because of the bitterness and aroma of the noni fruit. For that need, a little process for noni fruit can be consumed and have a good taste.

Steps to treat diabetes with Noni juice

  • 1. Prepare 2 noni fruit, ginger, and sugar stevia
  • 2. Washing Noni fruit, until there is no dirt on the skin of the fruit
  • 3. Iris fruit noni in large size
  • 4. Enter the noni juice into the blender, then add water ginger and stevia sugar.
  • 5. Then add a little water to the blender
  • 6. Blend all ingredients until smooth
  • 7. Drink this noni fruit juice 3 times a day to get maximum results

Stevia is to add a sweet taste without worrying blood sugar levels increase because stevia is a sugar without calories. While the ginger water serves to eliminate the smell and taste of noni's unpleasant fruit.

Step treat diabetes with noni powder

  • 1. Prepare about 2 to 3 Noni fruit
  • 2. Wash clean noni fruit (unpeeled)
  • 3. Sliced ​​the noni fruit into thin parts
  • 4. Dry the fruit noni under the sun to dry. You can also use an oven to dry a slice of noni fruit
  • 5. After the slices of noni fruit has dried. You can refine it to a powder. You can use blenders, rollers, or pounding manually.
  • 7. After being powder, you can use it as a drink.
  • 8. Mix 1 glass of warm water with 1 tablespoon of noni powder.
  • 9. You can add stevia sugar or corn sugar without the calories to add sweetness.
  • 8. To get maximum results, drink 3 times daily per day.

Now you already know how to use noni fruit to treat diabetes. There are 2 ways you can do that is with noni juice or noni powder. Do you feel this article useful? Let's share this article with your family and relatives now.

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