How to treat acne using clove oil

You should treat acne on your face as soon as possible. Acne is very disturbing to your appearance, especially the women. You should try natural remedies using clove oil to avoid the annoying acne.

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There is a big reason behind the high price of clove commodity. In addition to the small amount, also the benefits are great. Cloves are not only used as a cigarette material but have other benefits especially on human health.

One of the benefits of cloves is for beauty because of its very effective treatment properties. When the cloves are processed into oil, then this clove oil can help overcome skin problems such as from allergies, blackheads, whiteheads to acne inflamed and itchy.

Different types of acne ranging from acne stone, reddish acne due to hormones can also be overcome with this clove oil. With the aroma of fragrance and the warmth of clove oil, able to make acne dry gradually and then heal without leaving acne scars.

Clove is a tropical plant that serves as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, and also the pain reliever. Usually used for treatment mixtures, these cloves oil will prevent acne getting worse and can eliminate the bacteria that cause acne.

Steps to use clove oil to treat acne:

  • 1. Prepare about 1 tbsp of clove oil
  • 2. Put clove oil in a bowl
  • 3. Apply a little clove oil on the acne
  • 4. Do this before sleeping at night
  • 5. When waking up in the morning, rinse with warm water
  • 6. Do this every day to get rid of acne and also to avoid acne

Things to consider in using clove oil to treat acne:

  • Because of its very strong formula, it can cause irritation to sensitive skin. It is recommended that its use is offset by other oil formulas. And only applied in inflamed parts only.
  • Since it can cause burns, clove oil should be stored in a cool place. And should not be applied with other chemicals, except natural oils or water.
  • Clove oil can cause an allergic reaction, so before using it on the face, it is better to use it in first hand.
  • Natural clover oil should only be used with a prescription.
  • Should not be applied in conjunction with other creams or drugs.
  • Some ingredients that may be mixed with clove oil are lavender oil, citrus oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, and water.
  • It is the benefits of clove oil to treat acne. Again, you should consult with your doctor to avoid any undesirable effects.

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