How to eliminate bad breath using mint leaves

You must immediately eliminate bad breath if you experience it. You can use mint leaves to remove bad breath quickly. So you will remain confident and not shunned your friends because of bad breath problem. How to use mint leaves to remove bad breath? Read this article to the end.

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Everyone can have bad breath problems for a variety of reasons. If you realize you have bad breath problems, then this is better. This is because you do not need to be embarrassed to admit it, and do not need to be reminded of others who can make you embarrassed.

The smell of the mouth can be overcome in many ways, and one of them is a useful herbal plant that is mint leaves.

Steps to eliminate bad breath using mint leaves

  • 1. Take some fresh mint leaves
  • Chew in the mouth until smooth
  • 3. Swallow the mint leaves you have
  • 4. Then drink water to remove the remaining mint leaves in your mouth.
  • 5. Repeat 2 to 3 times if you still feel the bad breath. And you can do this every time you feel the bad breath.

This method is quite effective to eliminate excessive bad breath. It may seem a little strange, but you can see the results right away. This is because the mint leaves contain chlorophyll compounds that can neutralize odor and strong antibacterial properties. After chewing, drink too much water.

Mint leaves can be found in the supermarket in a fresh state, otherwise, you can buy it in herbs or flowers. The price of mint leaves is not expensive and can make you more confident without bad breath. Mint leaves can also be mixed into your favorite fruit salad or can also be used as a fresh drink with lemon juice and extra ice cubes.

So, you no longer need to confuse the bad breath, if you want a quick way then prepare a mint at home, or bring a few strands on the box when eating out of the house.

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