The importance of healthy diet to lower cholesterol levels

A healthy diet to lower cholesterol has a great influence on the reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood. You should read this article until the last paragraph to find a healthy diet to reduce cholesterol levels.

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James had just had a blood test as part of an annual physical exam. This person exercises enough and likes to eat but this will all change when the results come in.

The results show that LDL commonly known as bad cholesterol is much higher than good cholesterol. Doctors say if some changes are not made, this individual will soon suffer from high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.

As the father of 2 children, this person has to face the situation very seriously to be able to continue providing the family's needs.

Because James works twice a week, doctors advise individuals to do it more often. This means exercising four times a week and doing other activities to help lower cholesterol.

There is no point in exercising more often if food intake does not change. The doctor told James to make some changes in the food because nothing would happen if the burned food was only supplied to the body.

The doctor referred James to a dietitian. Both talked at length about bad food and this should be cut down. This should be replaced with a much healthier so bad cholesterol levels can be lowered.

His plan on paper looked very simple. James had to eat low-fat and no longer carbohydrate-rich foods. At breakfast, this person can eat the egg yolks but not the white ones.

Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, this should be replaced with unsweetened tea. There are times when James likes to eat cereal with children but the milk consumed by this person is not an ordinary food but not fat.

At lunch, something heavier can be eaten. Chickens can only be consumed without skin. The steak portion should be reduced and mixed with plenty of vegetables and side dishes.

It will take the time to adjust to a new regimen and people like the new James, in this case, will feel hungry in the afternoon. Having some carrots or apples is much better than having donuts that have lots of sugar.

Instead of having a cola with a snack, it should be changed with water or fruit juice and not artificial but made from real fruit.

The program continues until dinner, which could be fish or pasta with some sidings. The person will sleep for another 6 to 8 hours after eating so there is no need to fill it.

Drink a glass of red wine safely. This is better than drinking beer, which James had to give up.

James follows his plans even while dining at parties or eating at restaurants. There is no day off for someone who is at risk for heart disease or high blood pressure and this is not just for himself but for the family as well.

Subsequent examination with the doctor showed significant results. LDL is much lower than HDL, which is good for someone at that age. James's diet program is just one of the many on the market. It takes some time to find the right program in order to lower cholesterol and become healthy again.

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