How to lower triglycerides and LDL quickly

You should lower triglycerides and LDL so as not to cause dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Triglycerides and LDL are part of the bad cholesterol. Read this article to find out how to reduce triglycerides and ldl levels in the blood.

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When people undergo a blood test, there are four things that the doctor will review carefully before revealing the results to the patient. These are the levels of LDL, HDL, triglycerides and total cholesterol.

If one of these is well above the normal range, the doctor will make some recommendations before it's too late. The most common suggestion is to make changes in the diet. This is because the numbers that come out can increase dramatically by changing the food eaten.

People are well aware of what it is LDL and HDL which is basically good and bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. Not much is said about triglycerides and is often referred to simply as a type of fat.

So what happens when there are too many triglycerides in the body? If the patient has too much of this in the blood, it makes the person at greater risk to succumb to heart disease.

Eaten food can make this up or down even if the individual is not allowed to eat at least 14 hours before the examination. The normal range should fall between 10 and 250 mg/dl, which unfortunately many people exceed.

Studies show that many patients who have high triglyceride levels also have high total cholesterol levels. It is a great idea that it is likely to hit two birds with one stone through asking the dietician to prepare a simple diet plan.

The basic plan suggests eating a low-fat diet. Breakfast, for example, can be the whole-grain meal with a little touch of egg whites. The person should quit drinking coffee also substitute this with unsweetened tea. Those who prefer milk should use non-fat or try some fresh juice instead.

Breakfast may be light so that the individual can have a skinless chicken or a selection of lean meats such as wings, round, butt or sirloin served with some vegetables beside it.

Drinking bottled water is much better than ordering a can of diet soda because it still has some properties that are not good for someone who is trying to decrease cholesterol intake.

Those who want to get a quick bite as a snack can have pieces of fruit or vegetables. The person will not find it in this store so getting up early in the morning or preparing this the night before is a great idea for a plastic container to fit into the bag before starting work.

Dinner should also be light because the body will soon rest and will not burn that many calories when a person is sleeping. Steamed fish will be good or little pasta. Individuals can have a glass of red wine with food to help it down into the stomach.

Practice these healthy habits should not only be done when eating home food. This should also be done while dining with friends because a little disruption in his plans can have certain consequences for someone trying to make some lifestyle changes.

A healthy life free of high triglyceride levels and cholesterol can be achieved. It just takes a little determination and discipline to make it happen.

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