How to lower cholesterol without medicine

To lower cholesterol without medicine is not a strange thing. The use of medicine to lower cholesterol is widely considered to have side effects that are also dangerous. Read this article to find out how to lower cholesterol without medicine.

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There has been a substantial increase in people who have high cholesterol levels. It has been proven in many studies that elevated levels of cholesterol in the unhealthy blood can cause or be associated with the development of heart disease. High cholesterol levels can also increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death among people living in industrialized societies like the United States. Increased high cholesterol levels in people who live in this part of the world can often be donated to high-saturated fat diet, smoking and produce a lifestyle that is not much.

There are several drugs available now that are used to treat unhealthy cholesterol levels in people. The most popular are HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor or better known as Statins. This group of cholesterol-lowering drugs use a variety of drugs and is increasingly being used to help patients at high risk of dramatically lowering their cholesterol levels. Statins can also increase HDL or "good" cholesterol levels.

Although statins and other drugs are known to be used to lower cholesterol have proven to be very effective, there are also other ways available for people to lower their cholesterol levels without using the drug. One is trying to live a more active lifestyle. Physical activity and exercise are an important part of some low cholesterol therapies aimed at reducing bad cholesterol levels. Regular exercise can also help reduce blood pressure, overweight while reducing the risk of diabetes.

Following a diet low in cholesterol can also help a lot in trying to lower high cholesterol levels. Scientists have found that a diet low in cholesterol can help lower cholesterol levels by 29 percent in a month. This suggests that dietary combinations can also be as effective as drugs such as statins used to treat people with high cholesterol levels. It has also been established that eating foods low in cholesterol and high-fiber foods can reduce individual cholesterol levels by up to seven percent.

Recommended diets that can help people avoid developing coronary heart disease include consuming non-hydrogenated or unprocessed fats, eating soy protein rich foods, nuts and fiber-rich foods such as wheat and barley. Increased consumption of Omega-3 fats from fish and other plant sources can also have a positive effect on a low-cholesterol diet as well as the number of healthy fruits and vegetables.

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