The foods you should eat to lower cholesterol level

Lower cholesterol level. There is a saying that says it. "We are what we eat." This is very true because the food consumed can affect the level of cholesterol in the person's system. This makes the person susceptible to high blood pressure or heart disease to age, which can make the patient paralyzed or die.

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The only thing to do before it's too late is making some changes in the individual diet. While many good things people love to eat have a high concentration of LDL better known as bad cholesterol, everything can change by consuming HDL or good cholesterol. Here are some examples.

A good way to start a healthy diet is to have breakfast. Instead of eating bread, individuals can consume oatmeal instead. Studies have shown this can lower cholesterol in the body by more than 20% after just two weeks of use. This number can go down again if this becomes a habit before starting work.

Very difficult to just have oatmeal in the morning. Sometimes, individuals can have fruit. An example could be an apple.

Studies have shown that people who eat at least 2 apples a day or drink 12 ounces of apple juice can reduce the chance of heart disease by 50%. These can be bought at supermarkets and eaten any time of the day like dessert after a light meal or as a snack.

At lunch or dinner, the person must have some vegetables in his food. Those who order can have fish or poultry instead of eating red meat. The plates are not high in saturated fat, which is healthier.

Those who love to cook at home can try mixing some healthy food ingredients in the food. One example is the garlic that has the natural properties that can decay the arteries and again reduce the likelihood of heart disease.

Having a can of pork and beans is also great for dieting. This is because it contains soluble fiber that can fight bad cholesterol in the person's body. Not many people will do this but those who can eat half a pack of onions each day will be able to raise HDL and lower LDL.

People are often told that fat is not good for the diet. This is not entirely true because it comes in various forms. There are healthy fats like unsaturated acids and omega 3 fatty acids.

Monosaturated and Polysaturated are also effective because they are usually found in cooking oil. This means that food preparation also plays a big factor in reducing a person's cholesterol levels.

Individuals should read the label in the supermarket and read the potion to see if it is healthy to cook.

Being a little overweight or paying attention to many bulges in the body is one way of knowing that the person is potentially at risk of developing illness up to high cholesterol levels in the system.

If an individual can not make the right diet plan, a specialist can help make it so everyone has to do is follow it.

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