4 Tips to eat healthy to lower cholesterol

You should eat healthy to lower cholesterol. During this time, high cholesterol is caused by unhealthy foods. To know how to eat healthy to lower cholesterol, please continue to read this article.

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We are raising a fat society. With the large size of everything we eat especially in fast food chains, we slowly clog our arteries with unnecessary fat and cholesterol that is not really needed and useless to our body.

The result is, of course, people who are plagued with various types of cholesterol complications such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and overweight problems. Actually, one of the problems facing this country is the increasing prevalence of people with hypertension, which can lead to the possibility of a heart attack if not paid attention.

So what can you do to lower your cholesterol levels? The first line, perhaps the only really effective one is the combination of regular exercise and the right diet. Both activities go hand in hand. Without one factor, you will not succeed. Diet without exercising the body will only cause weak muscles, which will ultimately weaken the immune system.

It can also cause fatigue and muscle pain because there are not enough nutrients in the body. Exercising, on the other hand, without a proper diet is useless because you will only maintain your usual weight. You certainly will not get any more, because you burn anything you need; But you also will not lose pounds.

In addition, exercising too much will torture the muscles and may even lead to the possibility of a heart attack because of too much pressure on the heart.

4 Tips to eat healthy to lower cholesterol

So what should you eat to lower cholesterol levels in the body and ultimately prevent the occurrence of hypertension?

1. Eat a little oil.

One of the first things one should avoid one's diet is to eat foods that are fried or cooked with oil. These include potato chips, fries, fried bacon, fried seafood, fried vegetables and more.

Oil, when taken into the body means cholesterol. What you should eat is food boiled, steamed, baked and boiled. Roasted food can also be eaten but not too much.

2. Eat a little meat.

Fat from meat contains a lot of cholesterol. If you can avoid eating meat as often as possible, better; But if you can not stop chewing the meat, just remove the fat hanging beside it. Chicken and turkey are much healthier, so if you have a choice, choose this type of meat product. Do not forget to remove the skin though as a cholesterol concentrate in white meat can be found on the skin.

3. Eat vegetables.

Vegetables not only contain zero cholesterol, but also a source of fiber that helps the body in digesting the food we consume.

As much as possible, steam the vegetables you eat to keep the nutrients in it and of course, avoid fat and cholesterol additives like oil.

4. Eat a little period.

Try to limit your appetite slowly by reducing the amount of food you normally consume. If you can reduce the amount of time you eat or you want, a healthy snack like a fruit.

Try to also reduce the carbohydrates you consume, which can be found in cereals, rice, and bread. If you must eat this staple food, choose a more healthy type such as brown rice and whole wheat bread.

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