The best food recommendation to lower cholesterol level

Many of the best food recommendations to lower cholesterol level, because cholesterol often occur because of eating unhealthy foods and unhealthy lifestyles. So healthy food becomes a solution to restore cholesterol levels to remain normal. Read this article through to find out recommendations for healthy foods to lower cholesterol.

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High cholesterol levels slowly kill the population. The increasing prevalence and risk of hypertension and heart disease in Americans sounds alarmed bells in the state health division. Health officials are urgently attempting to find a way to combat the rise and make people aware of the diet and lifestyle of the sport they are imbued.

The truth about cholesterol

Although cholesterol is primarily the culprit in elevating high blood pressure in the body, not all of the cholesterol we consume is basically bad. In fact, a small amount of cholesterol is used by the body in the production of bile salts and in the transformation of Vitamin D. Cholesterol also plays a role in balancing hormones especially in women.

There are two types of cholesterol, good and bad like a layman would like to clone them. Bad cholesterol or LDL is the type that is often found in saturated fats and trans fatty acids. These are brought into the body through packaged and prepared foods such as canned goods, potato chips,  etc.

LDL cholesterol levels attach to the artery wall. High levels of LDL can form plaque in artery walls that can ultimately lead to blockage in the blood path. This slows the flow of blood, which in turn makes the heart difficult to pump. This scenario illustrates the early stages of hypertension and coronary heart problems.

What do you eat

HDL good cholesterol, on the other hand, lowers LDL levels in the body by helping transport LDL to the liver where it is excreted. HDL cholesterol can be found in fish and nuts.

Other foods that can lower cholesterol levels are fruits and vegetables. This food does not contain much cholesterol so whatever you have, you will not increase its level.

Another great thing about vegetables and fruits is the fact that they are a great source of fiber so the body also needs to fight the increase in LDL cholesterol. Berries, citrus fruits, and carrots are just some of the fruits you can count on.

Another food that can dramatically reduce cholesterol levels in the body is soybeans. Foods rich in fiber, soy beans and almonds and sterol figures in an important study conducted by the University of Toronto that reduced cholesterol levels of participants to 20 percent. Eating oats, olive oil and barley is also a great way to lower LDL.

Another source of cholesterol is really oily food. To lower a person's LDL, one must consciously avoid fried foods. If you must eat fried foods, make sure the oil you use is made of vegetables.

Never use butter because it is rich in saturated fat. Instead, use margarine instead. Try also steaming, boiling, boiling or roasting your food. You will find that they are more comfortable and healthy.

Not just the food

There are many factors that contribute to the increase in cholesterol levels in the body. In addition to one's eating style, there are age, gender, family history and of course the amount of physical activity that the person performs.

Exercise is quite important in maintaining LDL cholesterol at bay. What's more, it strengthens the immune system while improving blood circulation.

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