4 Types of healthy foods to lower cholesterol

You should consume healthy foods to lower cholesterol, which is healthy food is able to lower LDL and increase HDL in the blood. Continue reading this article to find out 4 foods to lower cholesterol.

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Bad cholesterol lay hard on the body. This general fact causes a lot of effort for people who suffer. If only cholesterol can be passed out or easily rinsed with water, then the fear that accompanies the effect will not be terrible to be prepared. The sad thing about bad cholesterol is its presence in the midst of blood vessel diameter, where life-giving blood flow should not be traded for even a second.

Make no mistake. The presence of good cholesterol is an essential ingredient in our vital process. This is the bad cholesterol, which should be prevented from clogging the arteries. It usually takes years of high cholesterol food consumption to know one day is too late to eliminate the loss.

Cholesterol and weight gain go up together, the main reason why fat people or simply obese people tend to have high cholesterol levels. The main factors that affect the levels are some medications, hereditary properties, and dietary foods. This is the reason why usually the average person who is surprised to know their level is high.

Usually, there is little information about preventing elevated cholesterol and the only time they learn is when they are assessed clinically. This means one can not simply trust a personal diagnosis in claiming security in a future dilemma with cholesterol.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must in preventing health problems in the first place. Although this is often the case everywhere, the most practical precautions to be watched are food consumption. Avoid fat.

Meanwhile, there is a food group that is very helpful in lowering cholesterol levels. This means that foods with antioxidants help prevent the buildup of bad cholesterol.

5 Types of healthy foods to lower high cholesterol

1. Oatmeal and other fibers 

Oatmeal is a nutritious fiber that has a reputation for its ability to reduce cholesterol. These benefits became an important issue based on expert studies from the 1980s to 1989. It eventually lost popularity and became another issue in 1997 after the Food and Drug Administration announced how it could prevent heart disease if consumed regularly with good low-diet practices. In fact. In addition to oatmeal, fibers of the same kind as bran, wheat, brewer's yeast, bread, rice, beans, peas and other cereals help improve and improve good cholesterol levels.

2. Vegetables and fruits 

Vitamins are rich and full of antioxidants, fruits and vegetables occupy the highest order in the food pyramid group. Humans are required to eat more of other edible foods, especially processed foods. It has cleansing properties and contains no fat, especially citrus fruits rich in vitamin C. Cucumber, rich in vitamin E, is one of the best antioxidants that is good against the free radical elements that cause various types of diseases and discomfort to the body.


Tuna and other fish with white meat is a good choice for a healthy diet. Low-fat saturated fish.

3. White lean meat

Chicken and turkey without skin, liver, extra lean beef. Without fat, these protein-rich foods are an important part of a low-cholesterol diet.

4. Yogurt

Excellent in regulating acid in the stomach which is a good way to balance the digestion of food. Yogurt is healthy in regulating cholesterol because of these qualities, while at the same time the fat is low.

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