How to cope with the increased production of stomach acid naturally

Are you often suffering from heartburn? Before depending on the stomach medication, there are several natural ways that can be done to prevent the rise of stomach acid.

Rising stomach acid is a common condition in which stomach acid rises from the stomach to the esophagus. This will cause the sensation of heat, tightness, to the pain in the chest is often referred to as heartburn.

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Dr. Manny Alvarez says that symptoms can vary and be treated with medication, but before that, you can try some natural way to overcome the symptoms of ulcer pain without drugs.

First, make sure your wardrobe has more clothes with a loose size. Because, extra pressure on the abdomen, such as when wearing tight-sized pants, can make stomach acid more easily climb into the esophagus.

Next, try to eat a little but often. Excessive eating can make a person more vulnerable to heartburn, while small portions throughout the day can reduce that risk. So, eat in small portions but often. After that, try to sit upright for at least three hours so that the food can actually get into the digestive system.

If you are a smoker, try to reduce some cigarettes when heartburn comes. Nicotine can weaken the muscles between the stomach and esophagus in charge of maintaining acid in the stomach. Also, tobacco can stimulate the stomach to produce more stomach acid.

Finally, you also need to identify the triggers of gastric acid rise. Knowing foods that cause acid reflux is very important in reducing symptoms. Some common causes are fatty foods, caffeine, spicy foods, orange drink, chocolate, and alcohol.

If symptoms do not improve over time, or exceed two months, consult a physician to discuss treatment options as per the doctor's advice.