6 Natural Ways to Lower Bad Cholesterol Levels In The Blood

The high cholesterol levels currently experienced by many people. The main cause is the consumption of unhealthy foods, such as excessive fat and sugar.

Cholesterol actually helps the body in producing cell membranes, stimulates the production of certain hormones, to help the absorption of vitamin D in the body. But if the amount of cholesterol is excessive, then cholesterol can become plaque and inhibit blood flow.

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Although many people know the negative effects of excess cholesterol, but the fact remains that many people still consume foods that have high cholesterol levels. In fact, it is not too difficult to avoid excessive cholesterol. Here are 6 natural ways to lower cholesterol as quoted from Boldsky.com

1. Avoid trans fats

The main step to reduce high cholesterol is to avoid consumption of foods rich in trans fats such as burgers, pizza, chips, cakes or many fried foods. Trans fat is the main cause of increased cholesterol in the body.

2. Choose foods that contain protein

Better to include foods that contain high protein than fat. Protein will keep you full longer. If you want to eat meat, choose lean meat. Chicken breast or fresh fish can be the best food choice.

3. Eat whole grains

One of the best ways to lower cholesterol is the consumption of wheat during breakfast. Wheat contains a fiber called glucan that can help decrease cholesterol in the body.

4. Do exercise regularly

Exercise or physical activity on a regular basis every day greatly helps lower cholesterol. No need to exercise too heavy, start by walking or running at least 15 minutes per day.

5. Consumption of fruits and vegetables

Fruit is a healthy food. Always include fruits when you eat. Most of the fruit is rich in antioxidants and fiber that can get rid of excess cholesterol.

6. Consumption of cinnamon

In a number of studies, cinnamon is a natural remedy for lowering cholesterol levels. Add cinnamon in your warm drink, such as tea and coffee.

That is 6 ways to lower bad cholesterol levels in our blood. May be useful for your health.