Pupua Black Orchid very exotic that will make you feel amazed

Pupua Black Orchid very exotic that will make you feel amazed

Have you ever heard of black Orchid? The type of interest derived from Indonesia it has honeyed tongue and the petals have a very fresh scent. If you know these flowers, you will surely be amazed. The number of black Orchid just a bit, and black Orchid in Indonesia was categorized rare plants.

Many people say that the name of the black Orchid because these petals colored brownish-black and purplish black. The shape of the black Orchid petals have bright purple tongue. Black Orchid has a size not too small nor too large. Black Orchid has a very fresh scent will make you enchanted.

In addition, the black orchid can also be found on the island of Kalimantan, Indonesia. Black Orchid who came from Papua, have differences with black Orchid that came from Kalimantan. This may be due to differences in climate and natural conditions in Papua and Kalimantan.

Black orchids of Kalimantan have petals that are more tyre and color light green compared the black Orchids of Papua. You will see a black color that appears on the tongue, then on the middle section of the colored spots flower – dark spots. It's amazing when you see it.

The number of Black Orchids of Papua less than Black Orchids of Kalimantan. Black orchid is very hard to find in the wild and that's why the black Orchid is listed on the list of rare and protected plants in Indonesia. The botanist explained that the black Orchids had a slow regeneration ability compared to other types of orchids. Black orchids need natural moist conditions perfect for growing, therefore the black Orchid is usually only in the deepest areas of Papua or Kalimantan.

Governments in Indonesia, especially in Papua perform protection against Black Orchid. The Government bans to anyone carrying out black Orchid plant from Papua. So, the black orchid can be sure won't be found in the Orchid seller.

Black orchids is difficult to grow outside of Papua. Although you want to grow or reproduce outside Papua, however the black Orchids are difficult to adapt to different natural conditions.

Black orchids including epiphyte that has incredible beauty. Black Orchid has a very expensive price and cannot be traded freely because it is indeed a rare amount.