How to make mangosteen peel juice and drink as herbal medicines

Mangosteen has a sweet taste and is full of nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to the human body. Mangosteen peel can be an herbal remedy that can benefit the human body. In this article will explain how to cultivate Skin Mangosteen Medicinal Herbs.

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How to make mangosteen peel  become an herbal medicine:

Skin Mangosteen Juice

  • Separate fruit mangosteen with mangosteen rind
  • Then put the mangosteen peels in a blender
  • Mix a glass of water and add sugar to taste so sweet
  • In addition to sugar, you can add honey to taste less bitter
  • After the blender until smooth
  • Then drink 2 times a day.

Mangosteen peel boiled and dried

  • Cut mangosteen peel to become thin
  • Then drying under the sun to dry, it is intended that the mangosteen peel can last a long time and is resistant to mold.
  • To make your own herbal remedies, take a handful of the mangosteen peel is dried and then boiled with a glass of water, wait a few minutes until the skin of the mangosteen to wither.
  • After wilting, take a decoction of mangosteen peel then put on to make juice and mix with other fruits.

Mangosteen peel pounded

  • The trick is almost the same as above, by drying the mangosteen peel,
  • Then once dry, take the mangosteen peel to taste and mashed up into a fine powder.
  • To make it a herbal medicine, take mangosteen peel powder and mix with juice or brewed with hot water then add the honey so that it's not bitter.