What are the benefits of dandelion root tea?

Dandelion is a herb that is really much more than just a nuisance in your yard. For all purposes, Dandelion leaves are just right when they get out of the ground and they are very different because no one really resembles this at all. Depending on when you harvest the Dandelion leaves will determine the bitterness but it is an interesting bitterness.

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This leaf is considered a well-mixed herb with a salad and either stir-fried or steamed. Many claim it feels similar to that of an endif. People who eat fruits from nature claim that it is worth eating Dandelion flowers as well. Some claim that they make amazing fries if they are battered and fried and contribute colorfully to any stir.

Dandelion leaves are actually very nutritious, let alone potions that can be bought at the store. They are higher in carotene bets than carrots and they have more iron and calcium and iron than spinach. The dandelion leaves also contain vitamin B-1, B-2, B-5, B-6, B-12, C, E, P, D, biotin, inositol, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. Dandelion root is one of the safest and most popular herbal medicine on the market and is widely used today.

Traditionally it can be a known tonic to strengthen the whole body, especially the liver and gallbladder because it promotes the flow of bile. Dandelion root contains taraxacin thus reducing inflammation to the bile ducts and reducing gallstones. It is commonly used for hepatitis, swelling of the liver, and jaundice. It also helps with indigestion.

This plant also uses the French name, Pissenlit. Ironically enough when used in the form of tea made by leaves or roots have a tendency to act as diuretics in the kidneys. On the table, diuretics have a tendency to suck potassium out of the body but not Dandelion leaves. Dandelion root tea has helped some people completely avoid surgery for urinary stones. Dandelion is really good for health and overall fitness, so anyone can benefit from a cup of dandelion tea. Many shamans say that combining Dandelion plants into a dinner every night will help digestion more easily.

When you take the Dandelion plant and break the trunk, you will find a milky white substance in it. This substance is great for removing warts, pimples, moles, calluses, soothing bee stings, and abrasions. Some other things that Dandelion has been popular in the past are making Dandelion jams and others using it for coffee substitutes while roasted and Dandelion ground roots. Many also drank Dandelion grapes.

Today, Europeans use many Dandelion roots to make herbal medicines and find it hard to believe that Americans refer to these very useful plants as weeds when they have positive benefits such as liver, spleen, kidney, bladder, and stomach.

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