What does chamomile tea do for your body?

Chamomile is a herb that has been used for thousands of years for many ailments including gas, diarrhea, stomach pain, insomnia, and anxiety. It can also be used topically for certain skin lesions. Chamomile plants have flowering tops and these are used to make tea and other herbal remedies that include Chamomile.

When the Chamomile top is boiled then dried, the liquid is a deep yellow color and can be slightly sweet if liked. It has a unique feel to it and many ordinary women make sure they always have some baby bottles stored safely in the fridge if their baby gets gasoline. It was used before the days above the gas relief counter dropped and although there was no scientific validity to it, it always seemed to make the baby stop wailing and fall asleep.

It was also given to women because of menstrual cramps in the days before Midol and Pamprin. Chamomile also has some soothing properties that can be very beneficial to be inhaled during the day if you feel anxious or if the muscles in your body are strained from anxiety and stress it is said that Chamomile can help defuse it.

Chamomile produces oil which, when isolated, transforms a unique bluish color and it has very different anti-inflammatory properties that can be well-known in inflamed skin, eczema, and skin infections. It will be Chamomile in its top form rather than flowers or tea from flowers. Again, remember that Chamomile has been around long before many counter and prescription drugs are available. Over the years, everyone has to rely on herbal remedies that may be passed down from generation to generation and may continue to be lowered even after newer drugs actually surface.

Often when small children have insect bites, diaper rashes, or eczema, the mother will stock up with Chamomile and oatmeal and let it soak in the tub with her children. It is very effective in stopping itching and repairing diaper rash. Chamomile is also used in combination with other herbs for many other purposes such as if a person feels nauseous, a combination of Chamomile, licorice torn roots, fennel seeds, and peppermint will heal it fairly quickly. Since Chamomile is part of the Ragweed family you should not swallow it if you have an allergy to Ragweed.

Some people like to sip a cup of Chamomile tea without any illness at all, simply because they are enjoying it. Pregnant and lactating women are advised to stay away from all plants but Chamomile is an exception to this rule. It's absolutely safe for anyone to drink anytime. Even known to also help the baby grow teeth. On the last note, Chamomile has been known as a very good hair conditioner and a beautiful scalp. When mixed with a little lemon and sunshine, it has also been known to provide smooth natural highlights on the hair.

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