What does catnip do to people?

Catnip is the common name for the lasting herb of the mint family. Catnip comes from Europe and imported to the USA. In North America, it is a widespread common weed. Catnip is most popular with cats and the reactions it generates when they receive some dry bites from their owners. They rolled in it in all their glory. The fact is that humans do not smell the smell of cats when it comes to catnip so humans do not react in the same way as cats. It is known that chemical nepetalactone in catnip is what triggers a response. Apparently, this somehow kicks stereotypical patterns in cats that are sensitive to chemicals.

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In humans, catnip has been used for several diseases including colic treatment, headache, toothache, runny nose, and seizures. It is also known to cause sleep in most people but others can cause a reversal effect. Catnip also has antibacterial properties to it as well. In the 15th century, English cooks will eat meat with catnip and also add a pinch of salad. Many people also prefer the catnip tea for Chinese tea. Some agents in catnip also act as a very effective cockroach repellent. It has actually been shown to be 100% more effective than DEET.

When taken orally, catnip shows great benefits for anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness. Nepetalactone is an active ingredient in catnip and is commonly used as an herbal sedative. Because it is also great for reducing migraine headaches, gastric complaints, and also reduces swelling associated with arthritis, hemorrhoids, and soft tissue injuries. Catnip can be purchased in liquid, dry, or capsule form. This is a dry form that is usually brewed into tea. Folklore says that if the catnip is smoked, it may produce a small hallucinogenic effect but has since been ignored. It is also said that when children will throw away the catnip to calm them and also stop the children having nightmares.

Some claims have been made that catnip is relatively far from marijuana. Absolutely no validity for this claim except the way cats act as they spin around in nip that looks like a buzz. When the cat spins in it, there is euphoria effect that appears but if the cat eats one of the fish, he will surely fall asleep. Catnip has been called a mysterious herb by many people. It is associated with common kitchen herbs such as thyme and sage and can be easily cultivated as a houseplant.

Another fact about Catnip is that as many cats seem to like it, just as mosquitoes hate it. These are all things that make a unique herb like catnip so as to have the ability to entertain a cat, have medicinal properties, there are some funny myths about it and are repellant insects at once.

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