What is the use of basil?

Initially, Basil was not the most popular herb in the group. Actually, there are some who actually hate him, especially the ancient people. The name basil means "fragrant" but still various cultures pounded with a love-hate relationship with basil. Americans and Romans loved it while Hindus planted it in their homes as a sign of happiness. On the contrary, the Greeks hated him, but people from India and Persia did not like him either. One of the places that really like Basil is Italian and to date, not many people prepare a classic pasta sauce without Basil.

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To this day basil and tomato sauce have formed a bit of marriage almost globally. Basil is very easy to grow as long as the temperature does not drop below 50 degrees and is in full sun. It is popularly used both in fresh and dried form. The rare fact about Basil is that the longer it boils on the plate the more intimidated the flavor. It makes sense why people boil their pasta sauce for so long, to get rid of all the rich herb flavors. Usually, in Basil pasta sauce is used in combination with Oregano. However, Basil is not only used for pasta or tomato sauce but also used for flavoring fish, vegetables, meat, and soups.

If you decide to grow a spice garden, you can thank the Basil plants for keeping the flies away because the flies are also part of a group that does not care about Basil. Another interesting fact about Basil is that the herb is considered a royal herb with a strong association related to love. Basil has a relationship with how those who had a lot of time beforehand planned to propose to their fair girls. The man will carry a branch of Basil and if the woman accepts his gift, he quietly agrees to love him and be faithful to him for good.

Basil deals with the Mint family and just knows it will give you a good idea that this drug will also be widely used by medication. Soon most people associate something by helping the digestive system and also for its anti-gas properties. Herbalists using Basil are quite common for health ailments like stomach cramps, vomiting, constipation, headaches, and anxiety. When Basil is used for this purpose it is generally made into a hot tea to drink. Some also claim that a good cup of Basil tea can contribute greatly to a restful night's sleep. In the herb store, you can also buy Basil capsules too if you do not notice the taste of the tea.

Basil is still one of the most common household ingredients in use today and in most areas of culinary arts, there is also a need there. When used in its freshest form, Basil is torn from the plant and then cut into pieces with a knife. Usually, somewhere near Basil, you will find some olive oil, garlic, and someone preparing to prepare a fantastic tomato sauce.

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