What is Balsam of Tolu?

Balsam of Tolu is a herb that comes from very tall trees that can be found in Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia. This herbal plant has also been called Peruvian Balsam because it was originally exported mainly from Peru but no longer the problem. This tree resin is the most valuable and is taken in the same way as one collects valuable properties from a rubber tree by knocking into it. The gummy resin derived from the tree is then converted into balsam. Currently, major exporters of Balsam of Tolu are El Salvador, Columbia, and Venezuela.

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In earlier times, tribal groups from Mexico and Central America were using Balsam of Tolu leaves to treat common illnesses such as external wounds, asthma, colds, flu, and arthritis. Some native Indians use the bark in a powerful form as axillary deodorant while others feel best for lung and cold diseases. Those who come from rainforest tribes use Balsam of Tolu quite often for many treatment purposes such as abscesses, asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, headaches, rheumatism, wounds, sprains, tuberculosis, venereal diseases, and injuries.

As this herb is becoming more popular, the Europeans who want it act immediately and soon the Germans use it for pharmaceutical purposes as well. They found that Balsam of Tolu works very well for antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic purposes so they immediately start using it for things like scabies, ringworm, lice, mild ulceration, cuts, bedsores, and diaper rash. Currently, it is often used in topical ointments for the treatment of wounds, boils, and scabies.

It can be found on hair, shampoo antidandruff, women's hygiene spray and as a natural scent of soap, detergents, creams, lotions, and perfumes. In the early 1800s, the United States wanted to take advantage of Balsam of Tolu as well, but used it primarily for treatment as a cough suppressant and respiratory aids used for a cough and syrup waxes, for sore throats, and as inhaled vapors for respiratory disorders.

Balsam Tolu has vanilla-like flavors and flavors and is usually used for flavoring cough syrups, soft drinks, confectionery, and chewing gum. Balsam Tolu is now available on U.S. The essential oils are distilled from chewing gum sold in small bottles and used topically, in aromatherapy. The aroma is considered healing and comfort. It is useful for meditation and relaxation because that has become very popular among the world of aromatherapy. Balsam of Tolu has a unique aroma that makes it excellent for exotic floral aromas.

Generally, topical use is recommended for skin rashes, eczema, and skin parasites such as scabies, ringworm, and head lice. Balsam Tolu is considered sensitive to oil which means more likely to cause an allergic reaction to the skin or becomes skin irritation than other herbal oils in sensitive people or generally has allergies to plants.