Popular perennials for the garden

Perennials are one of the most popular types of flowering plants, both for the beginning and experienced gardeners.  Gardeners of all types and abilities enjoy the beauty, hardiness and ease of planting of these find plants.

In addition, perennials come in every color of the rainbow, and in all shapes and sizes, making them a great choice for any garden.  What makes perennials special, however, is their ability to come back year after year.  While the actual life span of a perennial will vary from species to species and planting to planting, some types of perennials have been known to last for decades.

Perennials can be used anywhere in the garden, and anywhere around the home as well.  Many varieties of perennials are great as landscape plantings, and their ability to regenerate makes them perfect for areas of the garden that are hard to reach.  Using perennials to line a driveway, surround a flagpole or accent a front porch is a great idea for any gardener.

In fact, the hardest part of perennials for many gardeners is choosing the right ones.  There are so many different perennials at your local garden center that it can be difficult to choose the right ones.  This article attempts to help with that problem, by providing a brief overview of some of the most popular perennials for the home garden, as well as some brief care tips.

Name: Achillea
Common name: Yarrow
Needs: Full sun, moderate water (less watering once fully established)

Name: Anemone
Common name: Japanese Anemone
Needs: Partial shade, regular watering

Name: Aster
Common name: New England Aster
Needs: Full sun, partial shade in hot climates, regular watering

Name: Astilbe
Needs: Partial to full shade (some sun OK in cool climates, regular watering

Name: Chrysanthemum
Common name: Shasta Daisy
Needs: Full sun, partial shade in hot climates, regular watering

Name: Coreopsis
Common name: Threadleaf Coreopsis
Needs: Full sun, moderate to little watering

Name: Delphinium
Needs: Full sun, regular watering

Name: Echinacea
Common name: Purple Coneflower
Needs: Full sun, moderate watering

Name: Geranium
Common name: Geranium
Needs: Full sun or partial shade.  Must have afternoon shade in hot climates.  Regular watering

Name: Helleborus
Common name: Lenten Rose
Needs: Full sun in winter; partial to full shade in spring, summer and fall.  Regular watering

Name: Nepeta
Common name: Catmint
Needs: Full sun, moderate watering

Name: Paeonia
Common name: Peony
Needs: Full sun, partial shade in hot climates, regular watering

Name: Papaver
Common name: Oriental Poppy
Needs: Full sun, regular to moderate watering

Name: Penstemon
Common name: Beard Tongue
Needs: Full sun; light shade in hot climates.  Regular watering.

Name: Phlox
Common name: Summer Phlox
Needs: Full sun.  Flowers may fade in hot climates.  Needs regular watering.

Name: Redbeckia
Common name: Black-Eyed Susan
Needs: Full sun.  Regular to moderate watering.

Name: Salvia
Needs: Full sun.  Regular watering.

Name: Sedum
Common name: Autumn Joy
Needs: Full sun or partial shade.  Moderate to little watering.

Name: Veronica
Needs: Full sun.  Regular watering.