5 schools that provide herbal medicine degree

Today many people talk about herbal medicine . Because it has a lower risk than the chemical treatment . Herbal treatments use natural ingredients that is more friendly to the human body.

To do herbal treatment can not be done by everyone . But it should only be done by people who have skills in the field of herbal medicine. Because if done by everyone , or people who do not have the ability to herbal medicine , there will be a lot of mistakes . This will result in a patient does not recover , it will be more severe illness .

Therefore, today many universities or educational institutions that provide special education herbal medicine. With the aim of producing experts in the field of herbal medicine. Of our search , here are some schools that provide education herbal medicine. If you want to learn to be a herbalist , they are the right choice for you.

1. University Of Indonesia

University of Indonesia provides education master herbal science with specialization in Medical Herbs , Herbal in Nursing and Aesthetics.

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2. American College Of Healthcare Sciences

The mission of the MS in Herbal Medicine degree program is to develop a practical and theoretical understanding of clinical herbalism and professionally apply this knowledge to educate clients and consumers about a mind-body-spirit approach to health and wellness.

Clinical herbalism consulting along with health and wellness coaching has become one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare. Clinical herbalists play an integral role in the health and wellness industry. Recent research supports the use of herbal protocols for a number of clients including use for pain management for military service-related chronic pain [1], allergy management [2], a holistic approach to anxiety and depression related to PTSD [3], prehypertension [4], and integration at wellness clinics and as part of employee wellness programs.[5]

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3. University Of Westminster

Herbal medicine has developed from the traditional use of plants and plant extracts from many parts of the world, confirmed and updated by scientific understanding and research. However, it maintains a holistic approach to treatment, focusing on illness in the person rather than symptoms of disease.

This course provides a practice-oriented education in herbal medicine, which includes both the theoretical and clinical development necessary for working with patients, and the preparation and dispensing of remedies. The course also includes fieldwork, growing and gathering herbs within approved organic sites, and visiting herb collections and conservation habitats. Your development as a scholar practitioner comes together in our innovative Polyclinic where, under the guidance of experienced tutors, your learning from the various aspects of the course is integrated.

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4. Maryland University Of Integative Health

Throughout recorded history, nearly every culture on earth has used plants to thrive and heal. Recognizing and respecting the power of nature is a critical part of Maryland University of Integrative Health’s history, and our Western herbal medicine programs continue to take this concept and this field to a new level.

All trend data in complementary medicine indicates that consumers will continue and increase their use of herbs in the coming years. Experts who understand how to grow, sustain, harvest, produce, and prescribe these natural medicines are highly valued, both in industry and as clinical practitioners

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5. Lincoln College

The course provides a comprehensive education and training in the principles and practice of herbal medicine, the ‘energetic’ understanding of the cause of illness, the therapeutic actions of medicinal plants as well as the orthodox disciplines of anatomy, physiology, pathology, nutrition and psychology. It is integrative in approach, linking traditional herbal medicine with modern science and holism. Our teaching methods cover a rich mixture of theoretical study, reflection, the use of intuition and practical experience including professional practice in our on site Complementary Medicine Clinic. Our aim is to ensure that you become a competent and confident practitioner of herbal medicine.

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