Tasty And Healthy Potato And White Radish Soups : Simple And Solid Custom made Vegetable Soups

A soup certainly adds another dimension to a meal; as it makes eating a more attractive prospect. In fact, a liquid dish will always give that nice finishing touch to a good meal. Moreover, foods high in fluids will not only increase your fluid intake but lower the rate of urinary bacterial infections as well.

It is interesting to note that a soup may comprise any number of both fresh and dried ingredients to give that distinct taste which keeps you returning for more. Here are 2 hearty homemade vegetable soups with root vegetables as the main ingredients.

Homemade Potato Soup

For example, Madame Chua, a serious home gourmet, creates a most flavorful potato soup made with potatoes, fresh water chestnuts and lotus root, all of which are quartered or sliced beforehand.

Except for the brown honey dates and wolfberries, dried stuffs like peanuts, figs and red dates must be soaked hours before use.For those who are allergic to nuts in home-cooking recipes, the water chestnut here is actually an aquatic vegetable while the peanut, a legume.

Besides the seasoning stock, you can pep up this soup with some salt and a piece of rock sugar. To add heft and heartiness to the soup, a can of vegetarian chicken will come in handy.

Health-wise, you can nourish yourself completely with this potato soup: the water chestnut gets rid of the heat in your body; while the red dates improve the quality of your blood; and the wolfberries are proven to strengthen your vision.

White Radish Soup

To make Misako's white radish soup, some chopped radish are first boiled in a pot of water, after which the tofu, wakame seaweed and a cup of vegetarian kombu dashi or stock are added.

It is important that the heat is turned off before spooning in miso or fermented soy bean paste. A sprinkle of fresh green onions is all that it needs on serving the soup.

Despite its high-salt content, studies have shown that fermented miso has anti-cancer, heart health and digestive benefits. It is noted that the longer the miso is fermented, the more antioxidants it contains.

Simple Vegetarian Soups

Additionally, three simpler, quick and easy vegetarian soups are winter melon and red date soup, seasoned with a bit of salt; water cress and honey date soup, boiled with some wolfberries; and bean curd with salted vegetable soup.

These are ready in-a-jiffy soups that require the minimum ingredients and are highly flexible as to the amounts of ingredients needed to make good tasting soups. Taken as often as you like in summer. they help release summer heat trapped in your body in such a delicious way.

I, for one. can only make do without a soup at rice meals, if stewed or braised dishes were served. Everything is better with stew gravy; in fact, I love it when you have to use a lot of water to prepare a dish.

But slurping soups is not my dining etiquette, whether in Hong Kong or Japan!

Feeding plants leads naturally to an interest in trees; just as wholesome home feeding, to whole foods, natural remedies and a plant-based diet. This briefly encapsulates the natural world of Kez Sze, author, publisher and researcher.

- Tasty And Healthy Potato And White Radish Soups : Simple And Solid Custom made Vegetable Soups
- Delicious And Hearty Potato And White Radish Soups

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