How to Get Red Ginger Essential Oil

How to Get Red Ginger Essential Oil

Red Ginger essential oil is one commodity from the cultivation of Red Ginger carried out by farmers. This type of oil obtained by distillation Red Ginger aged about 10 months to 1 year. Because the Red Ginger aged 10 months to 1 year have much oil content and can be obtained in the form of essential oil extracts. Red Ginger farmers also perform essential oil because the price is high. Essential oils are used by many herbal and chemical industries scattered throughout Indonesia. Therefore, the demand is high. In fact, it is possible to be exported to foreign countries especially western countries that there can not be found herbs, such as Red Ginger, turmeric, galangal, and medicinal others.

How do I get a Red Ginger essential oils?

You need to know that from a Red Ginger rhizome extract essential oils that can be taken, which is about 1% - 3% only. Therefore, you need a lot of Red Ginger rhizomes that age are mature enough to do the refining process. There are several methods of distillation that can be done to get the essential oils, among others, as follows.

First, the method of boiling. The mechanism, namely the Red Ginger rhizome age 10 months to 1 year, fresh, and was cleaned boiled in a container that has been specially designed, with a predetermined temperature. The steam from the boiling water had flowed into the condenser pipe to undergo a process of condensation. The more the Red Ginger rhizomes are boiled, then the essential oil obtained as well as more.

Secondly, steaming method. The mechanism is similar to the method of boiling it, just do not boiled but steamed. Water vapor containing volatile oil flowed into the condenser pipe to undergo a process of condensation. This method is long enough to get the essential oils from the boiling method. Therefore, more local farmers who pick the boiling method to extract the essential oils.

What are the properties of essential oils?

Essential oil is an extract of Red Ginger rhizome, so properties are also identical to the Red Ginger. however, the oil extract is certainly more efficacious and potent when used to treat certain diseases. Because the material contained in the essential oil can more quickly enter and react in the body. You need to know that essential oils contained in the materials that can function as a high anti-oxidants, such as compounds zingiberene, oleoresin, limonene, cineol, and so forth. With the content of the compound and in some external disease can be prevented or cured, such as diarrhea, flatulence, acute ulcer, kidney, and so forth.

Therefore, you who are interested to cultivate plants Red Ginger, do not wait too much longer. Look for more information related to the cultivation of Red Ginger, and do not forget to find out how to get the essential oils that are beneficial it. Who knows you can be a successful cultivators Red Ginger with one of its products, namely Red Ginger essential oils.

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