Red Rice Benefit For Health

The benefits of red rice to the diet turns rated better than ordinary rice white color. Although generally rice that comes from white rice that are beneficial for health, but it turns white rice less suitable as a menu for the diet program. Although white rice is a source of amino acids, B vitamins, fiber, and especially complex carbohydrates, but when dieting is usually someone suggested to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates mainly derived from rice. Moreover, if the dye rice with white rice instead of traditionally processed. This is because traditionally processed rice should not be too much rice removes layers of skin, which has a lot of fiber and vitamin B. To you who are on a diet, it turns out there is one type of rice that are recommended for you, which is a type of red rice.

Red rice benefits

  • Benefits of Red Rice to Quickly and Healthy Diet

As already known, red rice and white rice is the same. And when viewed at a glance, where the difference lies only by its color. White rice is white, and red rice tinted slightly darker brown. Other differences can also be found when you go to the market to buy one or both types of rice. Red rice price is relatively higher because red rice is a type of rice that comes from a fairly rarely cultivated rice. Then how about the benefits of red rice to your diet and health? Is it better than white rice?

If arguably better or not than white rice, red rice does have a few advantages of white rice. However, the time needed to cook red rice for a long time, because more texture which is also harder than white rice. It feels less good, this is what makes people hesitate to eat brown rice. Though the health benefits of red rice for more than the white rice. Red rice contains a substance called anthocyanin. Tersebutlah substance contained in a red-colored layer on brown rice. Anthocyanins also has many benefits for the health of the human body, ranging from as antioxidant, anticancer, antiglisemik and antihypertensive. Besides red rice is also low in calories so it is safe for consumption.

If analyzed, grain consists of three parts, namely the outer skin, then the next is the epidermis, and the last grain of rice. The traditional process used to process the rice with the ground will not spoil too much of the essential nutrient content in brown rice. The essential ingredients of them is the fiber, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, vitamin B, vitamin A, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, manganese and potassium. Meanwhile, if the rice is processed in a modern way, a layer containing high nutrient will actually damaged.

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  • Red Rice for a Healthy Diet and Natural

Earlier we have discussed about how the nutrient content of red rice and what are the advantages of red rice compared to white rice, the following are some of the reasons why people who are running the program are advised to consume a diet of red rice even though it tastes bad.

  • Making Sense of Satiety Longer

Compared with carbohydrates contained in white rice. When you're on a diet and would like your diet more successful in the natural way, you are advised to consume red rice contain complex carbohydrates that can make you feel full longer. Is there only complex carbohydrates in brown rice? No, you also can find the content of complex carbohydrates in oats and oatmeal. Try the benefits of red rice to your diet and some types of foods also contain complex carbohydrates.

  • Good for Digestion

When you're doing a diet, you might be confused about what foods you should eat because usually there is a ban should not consume certain foods. This red rice in addition to good for those who are doing a diet, red rice also contains fiber which is 6 times more than white rice. So what are the benefits of fiber for health, especially for those who are dieting? Among them for digestion, reduce the risk of cancer, control blood sugar, reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, and can also prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol.

  • Improve Immune System

In addition to the benefits of red rice to your diet, it turns red rice is also beneficial to boost our immune system. Red rice contains many nutrients such as iron, manganese and zinc also will assist in the formation of red blood cells. Therefore you will avoid the risk of anemia. While the content of zinc contained in red rice will help boost your immune system.

  • Producing cells DNA

It turns red rice can also help you produce the cells' DNA. The benefits of red rice you can feel if you eat red rice regularly. But usually you are also advised to accompany red rice consumption by consuming fruit juice beverage type.

It was an explanation of how the benefits of red rice for health and also for those who are on a diet. Although basically how to cook red rice diet is quite difficult because it takes a long time, and yet again because of red rice that is not bad, but in fact behind all that red rice contains benefits for health. In addition to its low-calorie brown rice, red rice in the above explanation also contains many nutrients that are beneficial to health especially red rice prepared or processed traditionally.

The conclusion is, red rice processed traditionally very rich benefits, especially for those who are doing a diet. Red rice can reduce the risk of cancer, prevent heart disease, fight evil kolseterol, give full effect longer, good for digestion, and can also boost immunity. Red rice can be an alternative staple food in addition to white rice recommended for those who are dieting. Especially when red rice is combined with fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fat types.