Make a perennial garden at home

perennial garden

Perennial plants are known as a type of plant that is able to live for many years. Some species of trees and shrubs are included in these plants.

Perennial plant is also known as root fibers that are able to withstand the soil from erosion. Besides being able to withstand erosion, these plants tend to be profitable. Because just a little effort, you can multiply these plants with easy and fast way.

Perennial plants easily propagated

Examples of various perennial plant that can be grown in your home is a red begonia and Plant Mosaic (Fittonia sp.). To reproduce these plants, you can make the process of propagation.

First of all, cut the branches right at the "knot" that connects to the main stem. Let the leaves which are in the twigs of the plant. After that, fill vases, glasses, or jars with water and insert partially twigs into it. The essence of this process is to grow roots from the branches.

Choose narrow container to facilitate your support twig. To grow, make sure you put a container of water and twigs near a window exposed to sunlight.

Once the roots have grown a 4 cm, your plants are ready to be moved to a more solid growth media, such as soil. Do not forget to provide fertilizer for your plants.

perennial gardenSeparate perennial

When perennial crops already grown quite long, fibrous roots in the soil will grow irregularly. Belongs to a perennial plant roots and other plants can be linked to each other.

It does have an adverse effect for the other plants. Plants can become weak and lacks room to grow. For that, you should separate them.

There are several indicators can you watch to know when it is time to be separate plants this pirennial. First, when you realize the amount of flowers and small leaves is reduced. Second, the outside of the plant healthier than the middle. Third, the center of the stalk is weak or even death.

Lastly, the plant no longer have room to grow. How to separate these plants tend to be easy. You only need a small hoe to lift pirennial plants from the soil, and then split into several parts.

Replant these parts at the new location. Treat your new plants split like when you are new to plant propagation results. Happy farming!