Cough Solution using betel leaf

Cough Solution
Cough Solution 

Cough Solution using betel leaf - Cough is one of the diseases that interfere with the activity. But remember that every problem has a solution, including disease there must be a cure. In order to find a solution-natural herbal medicines, then you can consult with herbalists. Logically they herbalists must have had a lot of experience and one of the drug may experience a dry cough or phlegm.

For treating a cough is actually a lot of the plants that grow around the potential to be used as a herbal medicine. One of the plants that have benefits for treating cough is betel leaf.

The following herbs and natural remedies to cure a cough:

  • Take seven betel leaves and then boiled in two cups of water simmer until the water is left around the glass
  • Take and strain the water, then allow it to not heat
  • Then drink before bedtime