The benefits of dragon fruit for health

The benefits of dragon fruit for health

In general, every red dragon fruit contain protein, fiber, carotene, calcium, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and vitamin C. The nutrient content of dragon fruit makes searched for consumption. 

The benefits are so great dragon fruit for health, making it a very popular fruit in a short time. Here are some health benefits of dragon fruit: 

1. Maintain healthy bones and teeth 

The content of phosphorus and calcium were higher in fruit is very good for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Regularly consume this fruit is very good for the elderly to prevent osteoporosis and bone loss. 

2. Preventing diabetes mellitus 

Dragon fruit is also believed to prevent diabetes. This fruit can kill the bad cells produced by an unhealthy lifestyle. Sugar contained in it is also very small. 

3. Inhibits premature aging 

High antioxidant content in the dragon fruit helps keep our bodies from free radicals, thereby inhibiting the aging process. An anti-oxidant on the dragon fruit is believed the same height as the antioxidants contained in apples. 

4. Prevent Cancer 

Just as the benefits of mangosteen peel and benefits of soursop leaf, dragon fruit can also be overcome and prevent cancer. 

5. Lowering cholesterol levels 

The content contained vitamin B3 for this fruit, when consumed regularly can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. 

6. Enhance the immune 

Dragon fruit contains vitamin C which can protect the body from various diseases and also good for maintaining the health of our skin. 

7. Increased appetite 

When you have a child that is difficult to eat, then by eating dragon fruit is believed to increase appetite. This is because in the dragon fruit contains vitamin b1 and b2 which is the raw material supplement for appetite enhancer. 

8. The rind of dragon fruit 

The benefits of this plant not only lies in the fruit. But extracts of the leaves and the skin of the fruit can increase the flexibility of blood vessels and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.