How to Make Herbal Medicines For Gastritis

Many ulcer drug circulating in drugstores or pharmacies that we can make a solution when developing gastritis. But here we will not discuss the drug in a drug store or pharmacy, as we will learn to make herbal ingredients that we can make an alternative to overcome the gastritis. 

1. The first way to use turmeric 

  • Prepare 2 sticks of turmeric and then wash thoroughly 
  • Grate the turmeric, then add enough water 
  • Then you squeeze the grated turmeric is mixed with the water 
  • Drink 2 times a day ie morning before eating and at night before bed or it could be morning and afternoon 

2. The second way to use papaya seeds 

  • Prepare the main ingredient is papaya seeds to taste 
  • Then dried papaya seeds to dry 
  • Furthermore, puree or mash until smooth in a blender 
  • Mix with a glass of hot water that has been crushed papaya seeds earlier and drinking water on a regular basis. 

3. The third way to use guava leaves 

  • Take 9 atu 10 pieces of guava leaf are still fresh 
  • Then boil guava leaves with 1.5 liters of water to the boil, 
  • Then strain and take the water. 
  • Drink water 3 times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and evening. 

4. Fourth Method using starch 

  • Provide about 1 ounce of starch 
  • Then fry without oil starch until the color changed to slightly yellow 
  • Take 2 tablespoons of flour starch that has been fried, 
  • Mix with half a glass of hot water 
  • Then set aside some time to the flour mixture and the hot water is rather cold 
  • After which it can be drunk directly 
  • Perform these tips for a week or until the disease is reduced or even cured 

5. How to use soy 

  • Provide 1/2 kg of dried soy beans, 
  • Then fry without soy oil 
  • Then mash until smooth 
  • After that, mix with hot water (such as coffee) 
  • Drink soy coffee 3 ​​times a day is noon, afternoon and evening for 2 weeks to heal 
  • For prevention, you can drink 1 a day