How to make Black Hair Naturally

Before knowing how to make hair naturally, then it is better to know the reason why your hair is not black. Read about the causes of hair is not black here 

1 Using a candlenut or walnut oil 

You know candlenut is a condiment that is usually always in the kitchen every home. It turns out that in addition to much needed for candlenut herbs can also be used as hair oil for black hair. And candlenut also contain substances that can nourish hair. The way you just buy and use walnut oil as hair oil every morning and night. 

2 Coconut oil mixed with a wide variety of herbal plants 

Palm oil that has been mixed assorted other herbal leaves like urang-aring (Eclipta alba), and so on. So that the oil is very good for black hair and nourish hair. The hair was thick black shiny look. 

3 Using Papaya Seeds 

  It turns out that papaya seeds nutritious black hair. The trick roasted or fried without oil papaya seeds, then mash and mix with coconut oil. Apply on the hair and let sit about 2-3 hours. If done regularly will help to change the color of your hair. 

4 Using mustard oil (mustard, mustard) 

This oil is also commonly used for cooking food. In addition to flavor mustard oil can also be used as a natural ingredient to make more black hair. The way you just use this oil evenly on the hair and close using headgear. Let stand for a few hours and rinse with water. 

5. Black Tea 

Black tea can also be used as an alternative to blacken your hair reddish. It's easy, you just need to boil water after a hot black tea was waiting so that was not too hot. Try enter your fingers when it feels quite cold or slightly warm, then submerge the hair on black tea and let stand. If completed wash and rinse with water 

6 black coffee 

As the use of tea, black coffee can help make your hair look darker but still beautifully shiny. But remember do not use black coffee existing sugar mixture because then you will be a nest of ants. 

7 Fruit Amla 

Fruit of India is indeed very rare, but you do not worry this amla fruit extract powder you can buy at the store herbs. It is very easy, you just mix a few scoops of this amla fruit powder with lime juice, then use on the hair and let sit. 

8 Mango 

Mangoes are not only delicious sweet fruit and fresh mango but also can make your hair dull red to black sparkle. The trick is easy to prepare raw mango and separate the seeds, do not forget to take mango leaves as well. Mashed fruit and mango leaves are then added with a bit of coconut oil. Apply on the hair and let sit for several hours. 

9. Olive Oil 

10 Aloevera 

Many hair products that use aloe vera extract as main ingredient for hair discolor and thicken hair. How easy is rubbing the sap of aloe vera on the scalp to the ends of your hair.