Benefits of lemon for health

In addition to having a high content of vitamin C, lemon also contains citric acid, amino acids (tryptophan, lysine), essential oils (citral, limonene, felandren, lemon camphor, kadinen, Gerani-lasetat, linali-lasetat, aktilaldehid, nildehid) resin , glycosides, citric acid, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, vitamin B1 and C. The leaves, fruits and flowers contain oil fly. 

  • Benefits for diet 

Sweet Lemon is low in calories, this material is the perfect material for a low-fat diet. As an illustration, if you consume about 3.5 ounces of sweet lemon, then you will only add 43 calories to the body. In addition, sweet lemon are also low in protein content, so you might need to add protein to the diet element. For all these reasons, the sweet lemon is a great option for those who want to hoard fat quickly eroded. 

  • Digestion launched 

Lemon has flavonoids which enhances the production of bile, acid and digestive juices. All it really helps the proper functioning of the digestive system in the body. Where falonoid content will neutralize the acidic digestive juices, the expenditure of toxins in the body. In addition, consumption of lime sweet will also soothe the stomach when you are suffering from vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea. 

  • Lemon as a source of vitamins 

Oranges are rich in vitamin C is easily help meet the daily needs in a natural form. An adult male requires 90 milligrams of vitamin C every day and women approximately 75 milligrams. As each portion of sweet lemon contains at least 50 milligrams of vitamin C, you do not need to worry about daily requirement of vitamin C when you add sweet lemon in the daily menu. 

  • Lemon a source of minerals 

Sweet Lemon is very rich in minerals which have a high potassium content of about 490 miligran in one serving. In addition to potassium, sweet lemon also contains copper, calcium, iron and phosphorus. All mineral content it has some health benefits. 

  • Benefits For constipation 

Lemon is considered the best fruit to remove toxins from the intestinal tract and help clean up straight. Therefore, drinking lemon water will help provide treatment to the problem of constipation. The sweet taste orange juice contains dietary fiber which is essential to prevent constipation. The best way to drink lemon juice to add a little salt to the juice. 

  • Treating jaundice 

Sweet Lemon has been used as an effective natural remedy for treating jaundice. This is because the nutrients in this fruit helps in improving liver function and is believed to have the effect of relieving fever and jaundice. 

  • For the problem of urination 

The high amount of potassium in lemon juice can help flush toxins from the kidneys and bladder. Therefore, drinking lemon juice is very effective cure bladder infections. 

  • Strengthens the immune system 

Routine consumption of lime can improve heart function and ultimately create increased blood circulation, allowing the body to be healthy. In addition, the content of vitamin C in the fruit also gives the health of the immune system. 

  • treating Cough 

If you cough, seek immediate lemon because lemon is one of the cough medicine. How, to prepare warm water then squeeze one lemon mixed with a tablespoon of soy sauce or honey and then give a little salt, mix well and strain. Do not forget to drink 2-3 times a day to relieve your cough is. 

  • To treat tonsil 

You certainly do not know that the disease can be cured tonsils with lemon. With 3 pieces of lemon wash with clean water, chopped into small pieces and then boiled with 2 cups of boiling water until the remaining 3/4 and strain, in a state that use warm water to rinse, do it 3-4 times a day.