Benefits of bananas

Benefits of bananas

Banana is a fruit that has a fairly high nutrient content. So many people who cultivate them, so do not be surprised if in many places, particularly in the tropics, always found a banana tree. Even in the houses in the village, can say every householder in the village of bananas planted in the garden or in other places that allow. So let's discuss about the benefits of Bananas to add knowledge about bananas. 

Almost all bananas have yellow skin when ripe. Bananas also have a fairly wide leaves and elongated. Banana plant is a tribe of Musaceae and fruit arranged in bunches and are arranged in groups. Now let's look at the health benefits of bananas for the human body. 

Here are the benefits of bananas 

  • calorie 

By eating a banana, then you can still make a habit of eating snacks without fear of ruining your diet. One medium banana fruit known to contain only about 110 calories. 

  • carbohydrate 

The body needs carbohydrates as the main energy source. Eating one banana after breakfast gives you the energy that is perfect for starting the activity. In addition, bananas are also able to quickly replace lost body energy after exercise. 

  • fiber 

Based on data from nutrient, 1 medium banana fruit is known to contain about 3 grams of fiber. The function of fiber for the body is to improve digestion and can make you feel full longer. 

  • Fats and Cholesterol 

Naturally, bananas are known to contain no fat and cholesterol. So you do not have to worry while taking it.