9 Tips On How to treat facial acne naturally

1. Keeping the skin

Acne is caused by excess oil and bacteria found on the surface of the skin, therefore keeping your skin clean is very important to prevent the occurrence of acne. For example, by washing your face at least 3 times a day.

2. Eating Garlic

Sometimes not everyone loves garlic, but garlic can be utilized to destroy the bad bacteria in the pores that cause acne. In addition, garlic is also working to improve the immune system and skin.

3. Bask in the Sun

Bask in the sun at around 7-9 in the morning can help treat acne because it can remove toxins through the sweat that comes out through the pores of the skin.

4. Exercising Regularly

exercise is very beneficial to our health and for the health of the skin. This is equivalent to bask under the sun, with the exercise, all the toxins in our bodies will be released simultaneously with the sweat that comes out of our skin. In addition, exercise can burn fat in our body.

5. Do not sleep late at night

Often sleep too late can also be a cause of acne, because the air at night is very dangerous for the skin.

6. Using Lime / Lemon and Tomatoes

In this way you may already know. Take a thin orange / lemon, then cut the lemon / tomato and rub on your skin. Do this regularly to get maximum results. In addition to the manufacture of acne, using this method can also help smooth the skin

7. Wash your face with warm water

Maybe this can be an alternative way to deal with acne. The trick is quite simple, we just need to clean the face with warm water regularly, it would be great if done 3 times per day. Morning, noon, and night before you sleep.

8. Maintain Diet

Maybe this is the cause of acne, because we do not know how to manage your diet. So I advise you to eat less food that is made from nuts such as chocolate and etc..

9. Expand the Drinking Water

The last way is quite easy, but remember to never underestimate the benefits, because the water has a lot of benefits. One helps remove toxins through the pores of the sweat.