Herbal of turmeric, chicken egg yolk, and honey for fever

Herbal of turmeric, chicken egg yolk, and honey for fever

Indonesia is rich in natural resources. Abundant variety of plants and animals. From there eventually widely used by Indonesian people to make ends meet. Even including the matter of health, many people who use the environment to their health needs. 

To treat diseases such as fever, then the public will utilize around them. Although it can be said is traditional, but the traditional way is proven effective in curing various diseases experienced by the people of Indonesia. 

For fever, people use turmeric plants were squeezed and take water. Then mixed with chicken egg yolk, then stir until well blended. Because taste and smell is a little unwell, then add honey also naturally so good it feels to be on the tongue. 

Although it's been developing medical science and modern medicine with the use of various kinds of drugs, but the use of the traditional ways are still prevalent, especially in the villages. 

In addition there are no side effects such as chemical drugs, from a variety of penelitiaan prove that indeed turmeric, kampong chicken egg yolk and honey is able to show meredahkan or treat fever. 

Mixture of egg yolks, honey, turmeric from the actual medical side outline gives the immune system a better which will make the body more refreshed. Turmeric has the function to help you with the red blood cells for iron and give tenag. Eggs will give you the protein (a little) and choline to increase endurance, while the honey well as antioxidants and antimicrobial 

Many people say that this is referred to as herbal medicine, and only a few people who like the way this treatment due to taste and smell bad. However, if compared with drugs also have a taste and smell bad too. And another advantage of traditional herbs or herbal medicine has no side effects such as chemical drugs.

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