Causes of Hair Flushed

Before we get into the subject, you have to know why your hair colored black like it so that the future you do not do things that can make your hair becomes black. Here it is the cause of the hair is not black: 

1 Genetic Factors 

For example, if both parents are our hair brown hair then we would also tend to be brown. In addition to the derivative of the father and mother of the hair can also be derived from the grandparents. So do not worry if your parents black hair while your hair is brown, because it is natural. 

2 Often Exposed to Direct Sunlight 

For those of you who are busy people always on the move with the sun without protective hair, such as hats, umbrellas or vitamins your hair black hair must be flushed and damaged by drought. In addition, the hair must also be broken or branched. 

3 Using the wrong shampoo 

There are some people whose hair is flushed because they choose a shampoo that does not fit their dirambut. So in the selection of shampoos, conditioners and other hair care should be considered properly and must not - at random. 

4. Rebonding 

People who have done rebonding hair will slowly be flushed or brown, especially if hair is not properly cared for hair must be very dry and lacking nutrients. Why direbonding hair tends to blush? this is due to the heat tool when merebonding hair so the hair can be easily damaged. 

5. Paint Hair 

If you were to change your black hair to brown or other colors. 

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