what is herbal medicine?

Medicinal herbs are drugs derived from plants. Many plants that can be used for herbal remedies either wild or cultivated. Herbal medicine known as a traditional medicine and often also the material derived from animal parts, minerals. In fact, many also mix between the three plants, animals and minerals.

what is herbal medicine?

Many countries are still using herbal medicine for the treatment of humans include Asian countries such as Indonesia, China, Japan, Arab, Indian, and African countries. The use of herbal medicine has been used since ancient times to the present. Even herbal remedies are also known in the world of family Zingiberaceae plant utilization as a cure for liver cancer and some other cancers.

Ideally, the use of herbal medicine is also used as modern medicine, the condition should be tested on the quality and safety as well. Suppose to conduct toxicological testing, which aims to prevent people from disadvantaged because there is no benefit to be drawn from these herbal remedies. So the use of herbal remedies that have been able to qualify in integerasikan the formal health services.

It is helpful to support the lack of modern medicine, especially in areas far from urban. So that they can enjoy decent treatment as urban communities. In addition it may be developed in rural areas, because there are likely a variety of materials available Hebal drugs.