Adenium or frangipani japan?

Adenium in Indonesia known as frangipani Japan. Japanese word as if this interest comes from Japan, but from Africa. Derived from the dry desert region, whereas the selenium comes from West Asia from western Asia to the African mainland. It is called there is a Desert Rose (desert rose). Because it comes from arid regions, this plant prefers medium to dry conditions than too wet.

Called as Adenium, because one is the place of origin Adenium Aden (Yemen's capital). Indonesian society called Adenium as frangipani japan, may be associated with stereotypes in circulation. For example, large fruits commonly referred to as Bangkok, while the small plants commonly called Japanese, so if the existing ancient Cambodian figure tall plants, then the plants so there is a small figure but like frangipani, frangipani japan as it is called.

Actually Plumeria frangipani itself is kind of, kind of Adenium. Some differences between the Plumeria Adenium is as follows: Adenium large trunked to the bottom of the tuber resembles, but the appearance of the plant itself is small with a small leaf length. Adenium root tubers can also be enlarged to resemble. Plumeria trunked small elongated without tuber shape, with a figure of plant that can grow big and tall, with long leaves and large shapes.